Our modern heat treatment facility established in 1977 has recently installed the latest Abar-Ipsen positive pressure quenching vacuum furnace providing "state of the art" heat treatment for air hardening materials,cooling pressure levels vary from 5" HG Vac. To 6 Bar.

The system "delivers the goods" in an industry that requires minimum heat treatment distortion and retention of surface finish.

An important addition to our services is the supply of accurate vacuum copper brazing to a vast range of products.

Our two Abar-Ipsen ¾ Bar furnaces and their associated equipment have been specially prepared for copper brazing processes.

To ensure that minimum rejects occur due to slippage they are periodically tested for accuracy of level, as is the multi tiered ceramic stacking racks and supports.

These two furnaces are available to run in tandem 24 hours a day 7 days a week with up to 400kg each load, using a three storied racking system, providing a quick turn around of brazed products.

Honeywell process control chart recorders map the entire heat treatment process showing an accurate record of each point in the heat treatment program.